My struggles of getting started with gardening – getting tools and the process itself

If you’ve been following some of my older blogs, or know me in real life, you probably know that i’ve never been much of a gardener. I like building things – shelves, chairs and other pieces of furniture, but growing plants has never been my passion, until now. I found my hidden passion for taking care of plants after visiting my friend Joe at Napa. His wife had this really wonderful garden of flowers, and it just left me breathless. Although i have a theory that almost everyone is secretly passionate about growing plants and building stuff. It’s what our ancestors did and that’s why it feels so natural and entertaining. Obviously, not everyone agrees with me on this, but i think it makes sense.

 So i had to enrich my set of tools with regular and small showels, trimmers and many other little gadgets. I’ll admit, it wasn’t cheap, but hey, i’m usually pretty conservative with money, and why do you save money if not for spending on your hobbies? Joe’s wife, Lana, also gave me few extra tools she had on the spot, and i want to publicly thank her 🙂

I thought a lot about what kind of garden did i want to build – exclusively flowers, or all plants? And decided to mix them all. I bought some strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers as well, so i can have fresh vegetables to eat whenever i feel like it. Also, i’ve heard that the fruits you buy at grocery stores are modified to be harvested very efficiently, sacrificing the taste in process. But these ones are different – i made sure to pick only the sweetest strawberries and other top notch seeds i could get my hands on.

 Except for the gardening tools themselves, there was also a task of decorating the interior and outside walls of my garden. I did have some poles and tomato support system set up, which would be accceptable at the beginning, but garden didn’t look any good from outside. I had to pull out my saws, grinders and my lovely pancake compressor (which i finally found good ice auger after 4 months of searching) to give it cleaner look. Unfortunately, i didn’t have camera with me that time, so can’t show off any pictures, but my wife said it looked good, and that was good enough for me. Although i understand that my design needs improvements, and i’m doing my best to source all the materials and tools, as long as my financial situation allows it. It shouldn’t take me more than few months to give it final touch, and that’s when i’ll flood internet with the images.

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