Common misconceptions about cats – diary of a cat person

Cats are one of the most misunderstood animals on planet earth. People who haven’t even been near cat have these terrible stereotypes about them, such as : cats don’t love their owners, they’re self centered, and so on and so on. At very first glance, both of these things might seem true – cats hardly display any sympathy towards strangers, while dogs mostly do. I’ve also observed that cats are very shy, and will not express their love for their owner in front of people. And like a child who tells his parents to stop embarrasing him, they don’t respond to their owner’s signals either. And about being self centered, they might be slightly self absorbed, but that’s natural since they are solitary animals and only depend on themselves when out in the wild. It’s actually fascinating how they get to trust some humans, since most of us aren’t that nice to them. I think i’ve read somewhere that cats are only human pets that could survive on their own if released into the wild. It’s because they never became fully dependent on humans, and that’s one more reason to love them. I think they’re so smart and their intelligence is underestimated as well.

People also underestimate how powerful and agile they are. It’s rare to see both these traits in any animals – the stronger they are, they are equally slow. But not for cats. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if i hadn’t saw my saw bully my 30 kg dog into leaving her alone. And my dog is still afraid of her. Honestly, cat couldn’t scare large dogs such as Doberman, but she knows how to escape damn well too. Her claws are super sharp, in fact, she accidentally gave me really scary cut when we were playing.

One more advantage that cats have over dogs or most pets is that they are easy and cheap to take care of. They are very small, so don’t eat nearly as much as dogs do, so food cost for cats is really low. Training them to not pee on the bed or floor is a little difficult, but they are very smart and learn easily. Don’t use stupid methods that involve violence towards the animal, though. It doesn’t work and you’ll never regain her trust. Search for the tutorials yourself, there are plenty of guides out there to help you through the process. Other than eating and water, cats rarely need anything else. They might get occasional flies and bugs, but there are tons of drops for eradicating that problem. Also one more thing i like about them is that they’re not attention whores, like some dogs are. No offense, i’m a dog owner myself, but sometimes i wish they weren’t expecting so much from me all the time. Cats are pretty independent that way, but if you approach and they trust you, they can also be very playful.