Best cheap travel destinations i’ve taken this year – truly untapped beauty

I don’t get why so many people swoon over cliche tourist cities like Paris or London, when there’s so much to see in eastern europe or outside Europe for much cheaper price. Pictures in front of Eiffel Tower is probably meant to elevate their status in society, but i think that’s just wrong way to live. I think craving other people’s admiration and acceptance is like a drug – getting it only makes you happy for short period of time, but you’ll never have enough of it.

My favorite destinations for this year have been Indonesian islands and Malaysia. Honestly, i’ve been to Indonesia four or five years in a row so far, and i can never get enough of it. The weather, temperature, beaches, jungle and overall atmosphere seems so welcoming to me. There is a problem that it is a bit overcrowded with tourists, but that’s what you should expect when going to really desirable destination. In particular, Bali has it all – mountains and volcanoes, jungles, Budhist temples, beaches. From Bali, you can move on to next island, Lombok, which is just as fantastic. You also have possibility to explore incredible Komodo Island, inhabited by Komodo Dragons, which are these awesome giant-lizard-like creatures indigenous to Komodo island. Denpasar airport is quite accessible as well – there are cheap flights to and from Malaysia and Singapore. Which brings us to next city i want to discuss – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

 I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and have seen best and worst of each one of them. And expected Malaysia to be something similar, but i couldn’t be more wrong. Kuala Lumpur is amazing modern city with great food and streets. The best Pizza i had in south east asia was in Malaysia. Architecture and sightseeing is impressive as well, but what i loved the most is the vibe.

 After Kuala Lumpur, i got back to Bali, and decided to spend my last vacation week in Bali, far away from loudness of the tourists. I stayed in this awesome treehouse here – and it only cost me around 20$ a night. There was four of us, so we split the money and got really nice place for a week. It was so good that it inspired me to build treehouse of my own when i get home – I’m already thinking of getting miter saw!

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